Is Palak Paneer Really Healthy? - Truth Bomb

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Is Palak Paneer Really Healthy? - Truth Bomb

Palak paneer (Spinach Cottage Cheese Curry), just the name of this dish makes us feel ymmmmm!! Most of us think it is very nutritious as it has both calcium-rich paneer and iron-rich Spinach.

Above all, it is very nutritious as it has both calcium-rich paneer and iron-rich Spinach. (that’s what you think, right?) But what if we say it has no nutrients! TRUTH BOMB!! Hard to believe? Let’s see why palak paneer not healthy?.

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Deadly Delicious Combination Gone Wrong!

Paneer (cottage cheese) is made out of milk thus is a rich source of protein and calcium. While spinach is a green leafy vegetable is a rich source of iron, folic acid, vitamin A, E, K, and omega-3 fatty acids that prevent diseases like skin cancer. The calcium present in paneer limits the absorption of iron in spinach when consumed in combination. The absorption of iron in spinach is less than 5%, thus it provides very little iron to the body.

Another Shocker...

Spinach has high levels of oxalate (an anti-nutrient compound), which prevents the absorption of calcium into the body and also contributes to very little iron absorption.

Definitely Not a Good Option for People with High Cholesterol

Paneer is a rich source of protein but comes with a disadvantage of causing high cholesterol, and even if combined with spinach makes no significant difference. Some people may even develop allergies that stay for a longer time. It can further cause issues like bloating, gas and can upset the stomach that need immediate treatment.

Can Palak Paneer Have a Positive Effect on Weight?

People who spiritually follow yoga say that it isn’t good to have Palak Paneer. According to them, it doesn’t add any significant value to body weight as iron nullifies calcium which brings the nutritional value of the delicacy to zero. It rather creates negative effects like allergies.  It is advised to have them separately. SO,THINK BEFORE COOKING A PALAK PANEER CURRY!




Paneer when taken separately has advantages for both weight watchers and those who want to gain weight, especially muscle gains.

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Here are some of the healthy alternate dishes of spinach and paneer separately:


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What Are the Health Risks of Eating Too Much Paneer?

Loading too much paneer in your diet can disturb the digestion system of your body. If you are eating Paneer on a daily basis it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Can Heart Patients Have Palak Paneer?

Heart patients can have Palak Paneer but the overall content is fueled with fats which isn’t really a relief for them. It is better to take it in moderation or even better to not have it at all.

Is Palak Paneer Good for High Blood Pressure?

It is amusing that it would only be possible in case you have onion in the recipe and that too no such great effect. And for those who don't eat onion. It’s a waste!

Cooking Tips

In case you make up your mind and divert from Palak Paneer.

FOR SPINACH: It is always advised to blanch or microwave the spinach because boiling can reduce more than half the level of folate in the spinach.

FOR PANEER: Cut into pieces and put them in warm water to make it soft before using it.

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