Are Regular Gym Goers At A Risk Of Heart Attack?

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Are Regular Gym Goers At A Risk Of Heart Attack?

Whether you're already a dedicated gym goer or made a new year's resolution to hit the gym every day this year, you need to hear this! According to doctors and clinical practitioners, gym-goers are at a higher risk of Heart attacks, backed by the sudden demise of many celebrities during workout sessions.

Also, in general, Indians are known to have the highest coronary artery disease (CAD) rate, which eventually leads to heart attacks.

However, before jumping to any conclusion, you need to understand why that happens and what mistakes people make while at gyms or doing fitness activities.

Why are Indians More Vulnerable to Heart Attacks?

Unfortunately, cardiac arrest and strokes are two alarming conditions, taking the lives of millions of innocents worldwide. If we look at the report published by American Researchers, 13% of heart attacks happened to people aged between the mid-30s to mid-40s. Another global research claims Indians are genetically prone to cardiac diseases. Let's figure out the actual reasons behind the above data.

Researchers claim that certain underlying factors cause heart attacks in Indians. And lifestyle activities Indians follow are a major cause of sudden cardiac arrests. For instance, the majority of Indians consume unhealthy food that leads to issues such as obesity, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure, further increasing the risk of heart issues.

Moreover, people are unable to quit smoking and drinking, despite so many awareness campaigns about the risk such activities pose.

Sadly, such heart attack risk factorsare causing nearly 15 lakh deaths every year in India alone. Meanwhile, genetic connections are also there behind heart attacks. But a sedentary lifestyle, long-term medications, and irregular supplements intakes are some alarming scenarios you must be aware of immediately.

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Gym Mistakes People Make

All in all, you can say that poor lifestyle habits are closely related to heart attacks. In fact, 9 out of 10 doctors agree with the fact that lack of physical activity is causing obesity in young people and adults, resulting in poor heart health. It's the reason, in the first place, why people take fitness and physical activity so seriously.

But that never means you should fall for traps that promise massive weight loss in 15 days. Such gimmicks force people to overly exercise their muscles which have an impact on their cardiac system, making them prone to heart issues such as cardiac arrest.

Here are some common gym mistakes individuals make at the gym that increase their risk of heart attacks:

Mistake #1: You're Trying Everything

As you're a beginner, you don't know what to do. Still, you have made a resolution to lose 15 kgs to fit into your dream outfit this New Year's Eve. Hence, you're trying almost every piece of gym equipment to lose some inches. However, if you're making this mistake without the guidance of trainers or fitness professionals, you'll soon end up with body aches and injuries. Do a little bit of research, but the best thing you can do is take the help of a personal fitness trainer.

Mistake #2: Not Relying on Trainers

Another biggest gym mistakepeople often make is treating personal trainers as a salesperson. Although some trainers are more focused on business, most of them are willing to help you. So, take their suggestions and behave friendly to make a regular habit of fitness sessions. As trainers know their job well, following their instructions will help you to stay away from accidents.

Mistake #3: You Don't have any Fitness Goals

Just like dreaming about 15-kg weight loss within seven days is not good, having no fitness goals is the worst! Making a fitness plan and having certain aims to diligently head to gyms is crucial. Otherwise, you'll lose motivation for consistent workout practices after some time.

"No Plan, No Progress" —- the ultimate story is very simple. If you really wish to fit into dream dresses, list some goals you want to achieve soon. Make a list of it, and stick it to your vision board, as this will actually encourage you to stay active.

Mistake #4: Be a Jack of all Trades

Several youngsters act like the jack of all trades and don't believe in trainers or stay away from personal trainers completely, thinking to know it. However, because of this, they end up stressing their muscles more than required leading to issues or injuries.

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Mistake #5: 50 Push-Ups at Once

Often lured by YouTube Videos or your favorite influencer's workout sessions, people try to overdo their fitness practices. While achieving such feats can make you feel good, they put you at risk of heart issues and are often ineffective because, after a certain time, your body will stop responding to such fitness activities as it is getting adaptive to such muscle stress. If you're making such mistakes, stop them from preventing Heart attacks or injuries.

Mistake #6: Speed-Lifting

Are you trying to impress your gym partners with speed-lifting? Doing it once in a blue moon is fine. But if you do it often, you might hurt yourself.

When you're speed-lifting, it results in sudden pressure on the cardiovascular system. Such sudden shock may cause cardiac arrest. And you should never do it with machines to keep your heart safe from sudden shocks.

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All You Must Keep in Mind

In a nutshell, we can say that Indians are prone to cardiac arrest due to poor lifestyle habits and genetic reasons. While gym-goers are at risk of suffering from cardiac arrests, it's majorly because of a lack of knowledge about what's right for them.

Therefore, individuals must follow a healthy lifestyle and never overstress their muscles or follow any stupid online fitness trends. Also, you must hire a personal trainer or follow a professional to ensure you're not overdoing anything. This way, you'll be able to stay healthy and effectively reduce the risk of heart issues.

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